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Bull 1012: Glaze White / Black dots

Bull 1012: Glaze White / Black dots

Size: H 215 x W 230 mm

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  • If you're seeking a specific color combination, we offer the option to customize the colors for any ceramic bull, such as those showcased in the examples featuring bull type 1010. Just let us know on the contact page which bull form (e.g., 1012) and the colors you'd like.

  • Our Otto Keramik bulls are handcrafted in Rheinbach, Germany, using the finest clay sourced from the renowned Westerwald region. Our meticulous process starts with selecting and processing this premium clay, ensuring its purity and quality. It's then transformed into a smooth slip through precise filtration.

    The slip is carefully poured into specially designed plaster molds, shaping the bull while removing excess moisture. After drying, we carefully remove the bull, then meticulously cutting away by hand any remaining clay seams. A final touch of sponging results in a silky-smooth surface.

    To add a creative flair, we apply carefully selected glazes, including striking black Fat Lava accents in specific areas. The bulls are then fired in our kilns at 1040°C, where the magic happens as the glazes fuse with the clay.
    Each Otto Keramik bull is a true piece of art-pottery, showcasing the beauty of Westerwald clay and the craftsmanship that goes into each piece.