The Clay-Craft of Otto Gerharz

Otto Gerharz Jr. is the creative force today behind Otto Keramik, a company founded in 1964 by his father, Otto Gerharz Sr., in Rheinbach, Germany. Otto Gerharz Sr. was a dedicated artisan who had served as the creative works manager at RUSCHA from 1951 before embarking on this new venture, driven by his fascination with glaze chemistry.

In 1970, Otto Gerharz Sr. took a bold step by moving Otto Keramik to an industrial estate, where he began producing distinctive ceramics, thanks to his extensive research into glazes. Notably, designer Kurt Tschörner, who had followed Gerharz Sr. from RUSCHA, played a significant role in shaping the company's iconic form designs until 1987.

Otto Keramik maintained its identity as a small, art pottery company, unwavering in its commitment to consistently delivering outstanding quality. In 1994, Otto Gerharz Jr. assumed leadership of production, carrying the family legacy forward with a fresh perspective and innovative approach.

In 1996, when RUSCHA closed its doors, Otto Keramik stepped in to preserve some of their cherished designs. Under Otto Gerharz Jr.'s guidance, the company continued to evolve, pushing the boundaries of glaze chemistry and artistry. His inventive glazes and dedication to artistic expression have resonated with a new generation of collectors of art pottery.

Today, Otto Keramik stands as one of the last remaining post-war German art potteries, capturing the imagination of collectors worldwide. Otto Gerharz Jr.'s commitment to pushing the boundaries of ceramics have breathed new life into the company, ensuring its continued relevance and appeal to art pottery enthusiasts. With fresh glaze innovations and a dedication to craftsmanship, Otto Keramik continues to inspire and captivate a new era of collectors.